Clinical Educator Certificate

“This course has allowed me to understand myself better and shed light on my strengths and weaknesses as a facilitator.  I have also learned about elements that make one a good educator. This knowledge has allowed me to identify my past great preceptors, and look up to them as my role models.  In addition, this course has taught me various coaching approaches, frameworks and tools to implement at work with my students.”

October 22, 2021

The above quote is the summary paragraph from my final assignment submitted for the Clinical Educator certificate provided by The Michener Institute at UHN (PD-813). I greatly value the systematic, useful and real-life coaching and feedback strategies and techniques taught in this class. 

Why am I posting about it? 

I wanted to bring attention to the importance of supporting students and how important it is to do it right.  By posting about this I hope to nudge and remind those who were planning to attain additional training in this topic. 

What was not mentioned in the final assignment is the fact that my father unexpectedly passed away from a massive heart attack 3 days after I enrolled in the course.  There was no way that I would have had the time, priority or concentration to complete the course at that time.  I am thankful to the Continuing Education team at The Michener Institute at UHN who accommodated me by extending the deadline.   Months later I began studying the content again.  Having a newborn made things challenging once again, but I managed to enjoy and complete the course.  If I was able to complete this certificate under my circumstances,  I am sure you can as well. 

Farzad Refahi

Dec 4th, 2021

A quick glance at your accomplishments!

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Why you should take the time to update your portfolio?

The new year has begun, and hopefully, you are excited about it!  Documenting your achievements, awards and projects as you go along seems great but not always a convenient step.   Here is your chance to take a step back and document them. 

So why do this? 

We get busy and forget to document our achievements throughout the year. It will help you save time when it comes to updating your resume, filling out your annual employment review, realizing your areas of strength, and help with your goal setting and career planning.

Stepping back and looking at your achievements with a quick glance can help you practice gratitude and build confidence.

It is also a good reminder for certification deadlines and professional organization renewal dates. 

Where you can document your progress

At the end or beginning of the year, set aside time to update your portfolio.  By portfolio, I refer to whatever system you have in place to organize your resume, professional documents, and continuing education files.  Once you establish a system, updating it should become much easier, more rewarding and less frustrating. 

Personally, I use a cloud system that is free and easily accessible from any electronic system that can connect to the internet.  I personally use Google Documents because it works for me.

I already have existing folders and documents which help me track my continuing education activities.   Creating a new document or adding to the bottom of your year-end page, you can update your accomplishments.

Questions to help you track your accomplishments

To simplify things here, think about these three areas:  Projects, courses or certificates, and skillsets.

What were some projects that you were part of (employment or volunteering)?

Which courses or certificates have you completed or renewed?

What new skills you have learned or strengthened?  

(Optional: Publications, Test Scores, Awards, Languages, Patents and other relevant categories)

Start Now!

Access your existing paper portfolio or your secure and accessible cloud/online folder.  Answer the three questions mentioned in the previous section.   

Bonus: Think about your upcoming year personal or career goals to see if your accomplishments support your goals.  What are some activities that support you in your path?  The answer to these questions can help you set goals for your upcoming year!  

Tell me about your process?  What has helped you?  Also, what are some of your memorable accomplishments over the past 12 months?  What are you looking forward to accomplishing?