Claire Wineland is an iconic Cystic Fibrosis (CF) advocate who has been open with her challenges and struggles with CF. I appreciate her ongoing efforts to bring awareness about what individuals with CF experience.
You can follow her in multiple social media accounts. She has daily posts and even occasional live Q&A sessions.
*Claire has recently gone through another lung transplant surgery which has lead to complications.
I wish her a quick recovery!

@ClairityProject (Twitter)
@claire.wineland (Instagram)
#everybreathItake (title of her book)
Claire Wineland, Love, Songs, and Updates Page (Facebook page)


Image: Profile Picture from her Facebook Page: Claire Wineland, Love, Songs, and Updates Page (Facebook page)


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Social Media

As some of you know, I used to have photography social media accounts and now have focused my energy into my respiratory therapy blog. This involvement with social media for these years have brought an awareness to some of the mindsets, trends and external observations to online presence. I would say with confidence that now there is more noise than useful information. If people didn’t see or follow the evolution of Internet and social media, they may mistake the online “noise” as the true front of these online individuals and companies. While I do not consider myself an expert or a role model in this area, my involvement in this field has allowed me to identify individuals who have more realistic views of the online “process”.

In the following video Gary V. talks about one’s willingness and drive to dedicate “spare” time to achieve the desired outcome. Pay attention to how his advice is focused on what individuals truly want versus what they should want due to the influence of social trends and peer pressure. Also that you need to enjoy being involved in the process than necessarily the outcome (as there is learning in failure as well).
Personally, I believe in actions speaking louder than words. Also that there is hard work involved in every process. There are few true “easy” ways to reach greatness. In my respiratory therapy blog I have interviewed many successful individuals in the RT field and while their journey and achievements vary, they share characteristics such as hard work, self reflection, resilience and at times unique opportunities.
I encourage you to step back and re-evaluate what truly makes you happy, and that what you do or think is in line with that mindset. Continue to grow, learn and connect.
Stay curious.
Be kind to yourself and others.


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Thank you Emerging Health Leaders (EHL), Toronto Team, for organizing the social event last night.
Many people asked me what I hoped to get out of attending this event and my response was simple: “No agenda. Here to talk to and learn about other healthcare professionals”.
While I didn’t get to speak to everyone, the people I connected with were driven, passionate and forward thinking. That is not only a reflection on their career ambitions but their personal life as well.
Few reflections and realizations from attending this event:
1. To be successful or in order to be successful you don’t need to have every turn in your path figured out.
2. Sometimes we need to step back and looks at the available options and the bigger picture.

3. Find opportunities to speak to individuals outside of profession. You will appreciate the new views and perspectives.

Looking forward to EHL’s September 12th event !

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RT 5K walk/run


To celebrate the first day of Respiratory Therapy Week, and in the spirit of strengthening the community of RT’s, we will join together to run/walk the Scotiabank Waterfront 5k to raise money to support Respiratory Therapists Without Borders (RTWB).
To Participate in the 5k walk or run event.
Mark ‘Going’
2. Visit the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon to register for the GREEN Corral 5k event:
Cost for Canadian participants in Canadian Dollars:
Registration prior to Sept 12 $52.50+HST
Registration prior to Oct 16 $55.00+HST
Registration prior to Oct 21 $70.00+HST
Regardless of your walking/running speed, lets choose the following detail so we can all start at the same time.
Corral Colour: Green
Est. Finish Time: 46-60 mins
Start Time: 8:15 am (i.e. 8:05am as participants are required to be there 10 minutes prior to the Start Time)
3. If you choose to raise and donate money to RTWB select No for Do you want to participate in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge as a fundraiser or make a donation?
4. Raise Money for Respiratory Therapists Without Borders (RTWBs) and donate at

5. Leave a message on the Facebook event page when you have completed the above steps so we can build our team! 😊

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RTSO 2018 Summer Airwaves

RTSO’s Summer 2018 Airwaves is out!
This is a quarterly publication that I look forward to reading.

As many of you may know, I learned about RTSO through this publication. I appreciate all the hardwork done by this team! Over the last 8 months I have volunteered with this organization (as a director, lead for social media, and member of the Pulmonary Diagnostic Advocacy Working Group and Inspiration 2019 team). Shawna and her team have done a great job with this latest publication so do make sure to check it out!

Summer Airwaves 2018

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Flash Cards

Few of my Flash Cards during my SRT years.
Study tip recommend to us by Mieke Fraser RRT.
I found it helpful!
Have you tried it?

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More please!

I was organizing my continuing education folder and realized… I have a problem. I love conferences and education events!

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Hey RT Nation,

I was going through some of the upcoming events and wondered which ones you were planning to attend?

  • HHS’s RT Educational Retreat (Hamilton, Canada)
    Sept 18th 2018
  • PFT Symposium (Calgary, Canada)
    Sept 21st to 22nd 2018
  • Inspire 2019 and Better Breathing Conference (Toronto, Canada)
    Jan 24th to 26th 2019  and
  • Canadian Respiratory Conference (Ottawa, Canada)
    April 11th 13th 2019
  • CSRT Annual Conference (Niagara Falls, Canada)
    May 9th to 11th 2019
  • Canadian Network for Respiratory Care
    Every two years

What are your thoughts on these conferences? Which talks/workshops you would like to see?



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