Free Online Course by the World Health Organization

Recently I came across a post by the World Health Organization (WHO) about a free online training course for clinicians. Curious about the information provided, I created an account with WHO. Enrolling for the course was instantaneous and easy.

This course is made of three “modules” :
1. An overview of Infection Prevention and Control measures
2. An introduction to COVID-19
3. Review of precautions with COVID-19

There is no actual interactive module. Each section is linked to a PDF file (22, 9 and 63 pages). If you work for any large health organization or have had access to COVID-19 resources, you have already seen most of the information. This is not to take any points away. This is still a valuable resource as we continue to try to control the spread of this virus.

To access this course visit:

Screenshot of the course description