Let’s read an article a month – September 2022

The cropped screenshot of the first page of the article. It also includes the URL or link to the article.

Every month I read an open-access article. I share the title and associated link with my followers to encourage clinicians to read more articles, stay up to date, and continue to grow.

The objective of this month’s paper is to “(i) identify the respiratory education gaps within frontline health workers in the initiation of integrated care coordination and (ii) outline organizational strategies to initiate integrated care coordination towards comprehensive evidence-based management and treatment for COPD patients.” (p128).

Educating frontline health workers to support evidence-based management and treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients: A literature review

By: Karen Y. Brooks and Ryna Levy-Milne

Published online August 17, 2022

Can J Respir Ther Vol 58  pp 127-135

Link to the article: https://www.cjrt.ca/wp-content/uploads/cjrt-2021-079.pdf

“Based on the results from this methodology and thematic analysis, two prominent recurrent themes within the 18 articles were identified as contributing factors to challenges, deficits, and organizational strategic solutions. The themes included: (i) perceived challenges of frontline health worker respiratory education related to lack of knowledge and education to support the patient and (ii) current deficits in organizational strategies, collaboration, resources, and educational interventions related to lack of interprofessional collaboration (IPC); lack of organizational resources; and lack of organizational educational interventions.”

pp 128-129

Happy reading and learning,

Farzad Refahi

September 20th, 2022