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Every month I try to read an open-access article. After reading the article, I share the title and associated link with my followers. This is to encourage clinicians to read articles, stay up to date, and continue to grow.

This month I found a narrative review to share with you.  The objective of this paper is to “  to review detached opinions and provide strategies for the safe and effective delivery of aerosolized medications through HFNC in the era of COVID-19 and beyond.” [p22].

How to deliver aerosolized medications through high flow nasal cannula safely and effectively in the era of COVID-19 and beyond: A narrative review

By: Arzu Ari, PhD, RRT, PT, CPFT, FAARC, FCCP, Gerald B. Moody, BSRC, RRT-NPS

Can J Respir Ther 2021;57:22–25. doi: 10.29390/cjrt-2020-041.

Link to the article:

The reason you may enjoy this article

  • The authors have put together a nice summary of suggestions with regards to:
    •  Nebulizer selection, 
    • Nebulizer placement and use, 
    • HFNC cannula prongs, 
    • Gas flow, 
    • Delivery technique, and 
    • Unit dose vs. continuous nebulization with an infusion pump.

      Checkout Table 1 on page 24.

Happy reading and learning,

Farzad Refahi

July 27, 2021