Let’s Read an Article a Month – December 2022

The cropped screenshot of the first page of the article. It also includes the URL or link to the article.

Every month I read an open-access article. I share the title and associated link with my followers to encourage clinicians to read more articles, stay up-to-date, and continue to grow.

The objective of this month’s review paper is “ to identify the types of available evidence and knowledge gaps in the literature regarding the delivery of aerosolized medication to neonatal and pediatric populations during mechanical ventilation” (p200).

Optimal delivery of aerosolized medication to mechanically ventilated pediatric and neonatal patients: A scoping review

By: Louise Chartrand, Victoria Ploszay and Sébastien Tessier

Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapists (CJRT).
Published online December 16, 2022

Link to the article: https://www.cjrt.ca/wp-content/uploads/cjrt-2022-044.pdf

 “We, therefore, recommend more research on aerosol delivery to inform best practice guidelines. We specifically recommend further investigation of more varied ventilator settings and nebulizer positions on the efficacy of the delivery of different aerosolized drugs.”

  • “ the superiority of mesh nebulizers and inferiority of jet nebulizers for delivering albuterol to pediatric patients” (p200). 
  • “Further studies are necessary to determine which [ventilator] settings have an impact and how settings can be optimized to enhance aerosol drug delivery to pediatric patients” (p201).
  • “Optimal placement of devices for delivering aerosolized medication remains unknown” (p202).

As always, take the time to fully read the article. 

Happy reading and learning,

Farzad Refahi

Dec 30th, 2022