Tomorrow is February 1st, and I am excited about this day for several reasons.

First, I am looking forward to share with you a blog post about Christina Dolgowicz!  She is an amazing RT who is doing wonderful work for her patients, community and our profession! Stay tuned! The link will be activated tomorrow:

Second, to start the ‘RTs and Friends Blood Drive’, I will travel to Canadian Blood Service’s downtown Toronto clinic to donate blood.  There is a shortage of blood products in Canada and as healthcare providers we can extend our care by donating blood.  Check out this month long Facebook Event under Respiratory Therapy by Farzad :
Share this event with others, indicate which day is your appointment, donate blood, and let me and others know with the hashtag RTbloodDrive (#RTbloodDrive) and tag me (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook post).

Third, I have an appointment with my supervisor and hope to discuss ideas for further growth.  Self-reflection and feedback are crucial elements, and require honesty, openness and ongoing effort.


What are you excited about and looking forward to?


Farzad ‘Raffi’ Refahi

January 31, 2018


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RTs and Friends Blood Services

Hello RT Friends,

I know as RT’s we are already in a caring profession, but I want to engage you in an activity where we can all contribute to our communities. There are many individuals in our lives who can benefit from donated blood. A friend, a colleague, a family member or a patient. In Canada there is an urgent need for O- and B- blood, as well as donations of all blood types. My challenge to you, is that in February we hope to get as many RTs and friends as possible to donate blood.

How can you get involved? Share this post with your friends and challenge them to donate. Visit Canadian Blood Services, or the designated organization in your region, book an appointment during the month of February, donate blood, and share your blood donation photo  on Facebook at Respiratory Therapy by Farzad or Instagram @respiratoryblog and share the experience by using #RTbloodDrive

Event details: RTs and Friend Blood Drive  under Respiratory Therapy By Farzad

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