Tomorrow is February 1st, and I am excited about this day for several reasons.

First, I am looking forward to share with you a blog post about Christina Dolgowicz!  She is an amazing RT who is doing wonderful work for her patients, community and our profession! Stay tuned! The link will be activated tomorrow:

Second, to start the ‘RTs and Friends Blood Drive’, I will travel to Canadian Blood Service’s downtown Toronto clinic to donate blood.  There is a shortage of blood products in Canada and as healthcare providers we can extend our care by donating blood.  Check out this month long Facebook Event under Respiratory Therapy by Farzad :
Share this event with others, indicate which day is your appointment, donate blood, and let me and others know with the hashtag RTbloodDrive (#RTbloodDrive) and tag me (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook post).

Third, I have an appointment with my supervisor and hope to discuss ideas for further growth.  Self-reflection and feedback are crucial elements, and require honesty, openness and ongoing effort.


What are you excited about and looking forward to?


Farzad ‘Raffi’ Refahi

January 31, 2018