The Forgotten Piece

Image of my hospital lanyard as it gets cleaned and hung to dry.

When I think about my routines… Hands are washed frequently throughout the shift. Gloves are thrown out. Gowns are deposited in the basket.  Scrubs are returned to the scrubs-unit.  The shield is returned to the soiled utility room.  “Hospital” shoes are changed and left in the locker room. The rest of the clothing is changed and washed at home.  Cellphone screen is wiped clean.   One item that I tend to forget about is the lanyard! I need to remind myself to wash the lanyard more frequently. This started a whole list of questions…

How often you wash your lanyard? How frequently do wipe the outside of your bags, including the lunch bag?  Any other items I have forgotten about?

Farzad Refahi

September 15th 2020