Taking back the power

I sure have got lost in the feeds of different social media platforms… Have got anxious about having the phone notification light blinking and not being able to look at my phone… Have made impulsive Amazon purchases… Have procrastinated by watching back to back Standup Comedy shows on Netflix… and have unfortunately made empty and impulsive, reactionary or inappropriate comments out of feeling of void? or lack of attention? I believe that while social media platforms and apps serve a purpose, they can still be programmed to be addictive! I can say that my addiction to social media and phone is stronger than the one to coffee/caffeine.

I have recently unsubscribed from a lot of junk emails or modified my notification preferences. I have uninstalled unnecessary apps, turned off notifications for messaging apps, I listen to services that have few to no advertisement..etc
I don’t rely on seeing feeds and posts from friends to be reminded to check in with them, I try to proactively contact friends.


Some useful tip in this video. Not sure how much of it I can pull off but worth the consideration.

What are some ways that you have successfully modified your routine, dependence or reliance on your phone /social media?