This morning I read this recent editorial piece on ERS:

The new haemodynamic definition of pulmonary hypertension:evidence prevails, finally! By Marius M. Hoeper and Marc Humbert.


I wanted to review the noninvasive ways of measuring for pulmonary hypertension and came across this useful resource: https://www.123sonography.com/book/352

April 3 2019

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Recreational marijuana use is becoming legal in Canada in just few days. With the political, legal and financial debates aside, there are health concerns that the public, users and healthcare providers need to be aware of. I have attended few talks on this topic and have read few articles that cover this issue in details. While I did not become an expert, I have noticed a common message:

Inhalation of marijuana can lead to temporary and permanent damage of respiratory system.

  • Review and share this collection of Questions and Answers by CBC: ok https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.4856021
  • Avoid and limit your inhalation of airway irritants.
  • Please do not drive under the influence!
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To have a better understanding of PFT maneuvers, watching the RT/technician screen as the patient performs these steps may be helpful for some students.
I have uploaded 4 videos (SVC, Spirometry, Body Plethysmography, and DLCO).

Keep in mind that these are for demonstration purposes only, and software models and standards can change.

Slow Vital Capacity 


Body Plethysmography


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